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BSTH database of special haemostasis assays

The BSTH database of special haemostasis assays offers an informative tool to allow colleagues active in the field of coagulation and haemostasis to localise the special tests available in Belgian laboratories.

If you want to add your lab and/or more tests please contact Christelle.Orlando@uzbrussel.be from the Working group BSTH Database Special Coagulation Assays.


Brugmann UZA UZ Brussel ULg UZ Gent UZ Leuven CHR Citadelle CMG Gent AZ St. Jan CHU Charleroi CHU UCL Namur KULAK UCL Genetics
ADAMTS-13 activity
ADAMTS-13 antigen
ADAMTS-13 inhibitor
Aggregometry (LTA)
Aggregometry (LTA) and platelet secretion
Aggregometry whole blood (WBA) by Multiplate
Alfa 1 antiplasmin
AntiXa activity (UFH, LMWH)
AntiXa activity (UFH, LMWH, Orgaran)
Antibeta2glycoprotein I antibodies
Antithrombin antigen
Antithrombin mutation analysis
Direct anti-IIa inhibitor (dabigatran) monitoring
Direct anti-IIa inhibitor (hirudin) monitoring
Direct anti-Xa inhibitors (apixaban) monitoring
Direct anti-Xa inhibitors (edoxaban)
Direct anti-Xa inhibitors (rivaroxaban) monitoring
Euglobuline lysis time
FXIII activity
FXIII quantitative antigen
HIT antibodies functional test
HIT antibodies immunological test
Homocystiniurea, MTHFR
Mutation PROS1 Protein S (alpha) deficiency
Mutation analysis Hemophilia A
Mutation analysis Hemophilia B
Mutation screening ADAMTS13
Mutation screening GPIIbIIIa
Mutation screening GPIb
Mutation screening VWF
Platelet disorders special tests
Protein C mutation analysis
Quantification specific coagulation inhibitors
Reptilase time
SRY (Sex-determining region Y)
Thrombin generation
Thrombin-antithrombin complexes
Thromboelastrogram (ROTEM)
vWF multimers
vWF propeptide
vWF-FVIII binding
vWF: collagen Binding assay